General Hospital’s Kelly Monaco shares new photo with Billy Miller and ‘DreAm’ fans are here for it

Kelly Monaco and Billy Miller as Sam and Drew on General Hospital.
DreAm had a big fanbase for General Hospital. Pic credit: ABC

Kelly Monaco has been one of Billy Miller’s biggest champions. When he was added as NuJason on General Hospital, she was insistent fans give him a try. After a few years, Monaco is still hanging out with Miller and DreAm fans are eating it up.

General Hospital cutting ties with Billy Miller was a huge disappointment to fans. While it had been rumored for months, the actor confirmed the news through social media with a handwritten note that was shared for all to see. Unfortunately, no details were revealed about why he left or if he would ever return.

Nearly two weeks after Billy Miller announced his departure, Kelly Monaco spoke out on Twitter. She expressed her disappointment and promised more to follow, but as of now, there has been no update. It is unclear why she stuck her neck out by saying anything at all, but speculation among General Hospital circles is that she was told to not rock the boat and chose to remain silent moving forward.

Yesterday, Kelly Monaco shared a photo with Billy Miller on Twitter. It was from a birthday lunch she shared with him celebrating him turning 40. Followers and fans went nuts seeing the two together. It showed they were still friends (though many speculate there may be more to it, but that has never been confirmed) and enjoyed hanging out despite the change in work venues for Miller.

The General Hospital fanbases for JaSam and DreAm were always at odds. Some preferred Kelly Monaco as Sam with Jason (Steve Burton) and some liked her with Drew (Billy Miller) more. Once Steve Burton returned, the writers didn’t give DreAm a chance any longer. They ripped the couple apart to go with what worked in the past and were left with a very big divide among viewers.

Billy Miller returning to General Hospital is incredibly unlikely at this point. The show sent him off to Afghanistan and to find Dr. Andre Maddox (Anthony Montgomery). While the doctor did arrive in Port Charles, Drew’s plane never made it to Afghanistan. It was wrecked and his body has yet to be found.

General Hospital airs weekdays on ABC.

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