General Hospital’s Donnell Turner pushes back on Twitter and defends co-star Briana Nicole Henry

Donnell Turner as Curtis Ashford on General Hospital
Donnell Turner, who plays Curtis Turner on General Hospital, isn’t going to let you talk about his costar. Pic credit: ABC

Briana Nicole Henry has been on ABC’s legendary soap General Hospital for exactly one week, and already fans are expressing their opinions of how she’s faring. Henry debuted last Thursday, September 13 taking over the role of Jordan Ashford, vacated by the popular actress Vinessa Antoine who left for a lead role on, “Diggstown.”

Yesterday, a viewer tweeted a strong opinion about Henry to her onscreen fiancé, Donnell Turner who plays Curtis, and Turner responded just as strongly. In fact, the spicy exchange led to a flurry of tweets about the potential success of this new onscreen pairing. What got Donnell so riled up?

Everyone is entitled to their opinion of course, but Turner rightly replied that Jordan and Curtis have not yet been seen paired together onscreen!

The actor tweeted back, “what ? are you trying to start?! You haven’t even seen us in a scene together yet! Foh!”

The exchange prompted a flood of tweets, with most responses defending Henry and praising Turner’s support of the new actress.

One fan wrote, “Thank you for defending your new coworker. Too many men would have let it slide. I can’t imagine how hard it is taking over from someone everyone loved. This woman needs our support. ?”

Another viewer remarked, “Curtis has chemistry with everyone he comes in contact with ? me some Curtis have a nice day sexy.”

But the best response has got to be this one, “Donnell, the plain and simple truth is that you would have chemistry with wallpaper. Face it, the mold was shattered when God made you.”

Preach! The truth is that Henry has been lighting it up so far, mostly having scenes with D.A. Margaux (Elizabeth Hendrickson) as they work together to figure out who blew up Julian’s (William deVry) bar.

And of course, anyone who has watched one second of Turner’s acting knows that the handsome, intelligent and charismatic man oozes chemistry from every pore!

So, what does the future hold for Jordan and Curtis? We know that Jordan is about to enter the dragon’s den because she’s agreed to meet up with Curtis’ Aunt Stella (Vernee Watson) who hates her guts. These two ladies will have some alone time together, which is not a good idea in any universe.

Viewers last saw these two in heated combat while in family therapy with an exasperated Curtis and an even more flummoxed shrink. There she tried to be conciliatory with the angry Aunt, only to lose her cool when Stella continued to yell and call her a she-devil.

Will this meet-up go any better? Be sure to tune in and find out!

Soap fans will remember the gorgeous Henry as Esmerelda from CBS’s The Young and the Restless, a role she played in 2013-2014.

In 2015 the thespian jumped over to Undateable on NBC. Henry was also seen in Stitchers, Jane the Virgin, Shameless and Insecure. But the lovely actress has proven that she has brains as well as beauty! She has a BFA in Theatre Acting from the University of Southern California.

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