General Hospital: When will good Alexis stop making bad decisions?

Nancy Lee Grahn as Alexis on General Hospital.
It’s time for Alexis to make good decisions. Pic credit: ABC

Cross-watching soap junkies will get it when I say that Thomas’ (Matthew Atkinson) self-serving regurgitation, “good people make bad decisions,” belongs on a poster above Alexis’ (Nancy Lee Grahn) face.

To clarify, Thomas is a manipulative weasel on The Bold and the Beautiful, while Alexis is a perpetual victim on General Hospital.

His smarmy words have been repeated all over town this past week to portray himself as a good person who made one bad decision. His protestation is patently false, as he is arguably a bad person who makes even worse decisions.

But his mantra applies perfectly to poor Alexis, who despite being mostly nice, and brainy, admitted to Neil (Joe Flanigan) this week that she has a pattern of being stupid enough to let dangerous people into her life.

Clearly, Alexis is suffering from some kind of syndrome. How else would you explain why such a capable woman continuously falls victim to the baddies? She was last a victim of bad-boy boyfriend Julian (William deVry) who held a knife to her throat.

Currently, she’s vengeful Kendra’s (Michelle Argyris) victim, the sister of Kiefer whom Alexis killed by running him over.

Kendra appeared out of nowhere with a hidden agenda, but Alexis’ trust in her allowed the woman to poison her with supplements laced with rat poison. Now Alexis’ life hangs in the balance.

Not because she was poisoned, but because she followed Kendra to Kiefer’s grave where she was discovered and knocked out cold by the ruthless woman. Now what? Surely Alexis will survive, as far as I know, Grahn’s contract isn’t up for renegotiation!

But what will Alexis do once she wakes up and realizes that another rat has gotten the best of her?

It’s past time for Alexis to stop being the role model for smart women who make dumb choices. I’d rather see Alexis gain traction and get her act together. There is a precedent as Laura (Genie Francis) stopped being the teary half of legendary couple Luke (Anthony Geary) and Laura by growing a backbone and going on to become mayor of Port Charles.

I’m rooting for Alexis to grow past her infantile attraction to people who do her wrong, she deserves some dignity at this point. I think fans would welcome the opportunity to see Alexis become a role model for good people who make good decisions, what do you think?

General Hospital airs weekdays on ABC.

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