General Hospital: What does Scout’s SORAS mean for future storylines?

Scout on General Hospital.
Scout has aged rapidly. Pic credit: ABC

Soap fans are a special bunch of dedicated viewers. They have no problem with characters coming back from the dead, don’t bat an eyelash when someone’s evil twin suddenly appears, and seem to accept without qualm that every single soap hospital bungles paternity and DNA tests with regularity.

So it is not surprising that when a character suddenly ages several years, it’s just another day in soapland. There’s an official phrase for the phenomenon. SORAS or sudden onset of rapid aging syndrome is commonplace and usually, storyline dictated.

For example, one day a bouncing baby boy or girl is a high school sophomore! Sometimes the logistics are awkward, for example when a SORAS’d child is unexpectedly just a few years younger than his parents.

Nonetheless, it’s part and parcel of daytime drama. The latest General Hospital case just occurred and involves Scout who suddenly went from toddlerhood to almost school age.

Five-year-old Ella Ramacieri is the adorable actress now playing Drew (Billy Miller) and Sam’s (Kelly Monaco) young daughter. Palmer and Poe Parker were the featured actors prior.

This appears to be her first acting role, but she’s proven herself to be a natural. Ramacieri debuted July 1 and has interacted with a variety of Port Charles regulars.

Drew talked to her about her big brother who recently passed, Oscar (Garren Stitt). Alexis (Nancy Lee Grahn) also had a moment with Scout in which she admired the child’s art.

So what does Scout’s aging mean for future storylines? It will certainly give Sam a chance to be a more hands-on mom if TPTB want to go in that direction. It could also be a way for Drew and Sam to have more scenes together which may cause consternation for JaSam fans, but happiness for those who want to see Sam and Drew as a couple.

General Hospital airs weekdays on ABC.

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