General Hospital turns deadly for Halloween: ‘Someone won’t live through the week’

Jon Lindstrom as Ryan Chamberlain on General Hospital
Ryan is up to no good and someone will fall victim to him. Pic credit: ABC

General Hospital fans who saw evil nurse Mary Pat (Pat Bethune) at Ferncliff last week may have been wondering what all the fuss was about. She had been fired and was taking leave of the place. Not so fast GH viewers, there may be a juicy, but gruesome reason we haven’t seen the last of the nurse and her horse syringes!

This week, someone is going to die a grisly Halloween-week death in Port Charles. A super scary video tease shows the inside of Ferncliff with Ryan (Jon Lindstrom), Ava (Maura West), Laura (Genie Francis) Felicia (Kristina Wagner), and Carly (Laura Wright), roaming the darkened hallways, screaming, slipping, running, and falling down, as mayhem takes place among the barred cells.

Does this mean that Ryan will claim his first victim? It most definitely could maybe possibly mean that! Evil Ryan proclaims that “Tonight is going to be unforgettable!”

Everyone in town thinks that Ryan is really his twin Kevin, but in fact, these two have traded places with Kevin now locked up at Ferncliff. Will Laura and Carly find him before it’s too late? Or will he be the first victim of his demented brother?

But before we get to speculating too far afield, there’s someone else who could be in danger — Mary Pat herself! Yes, she’s been fired from Ferncliff, but she’s still hanging around. In fact, Ryan and Mary Pat end up together at the Floating Rib. Big mistake Mary Pat, Ryan has reason to hate you big time!

There would be nothing to stop the psycho from exacting revenge on the nurse if he so wanted. At one point we hear him mutter, “they let me get away with murder.” Who is the unlucky soul who loses his or her life to the unhinged serial killer? Be sure to tune in and find out!

General Hospital airs weekdays on ABC.

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