General Hospital: Stop dumbing down Robert Scorpio

Tristan Rogers as Robert Scorpio on General Hospital.
Robert Scorpio isn’t the same version of himself viewers once knew. Pic credit: ABC

General Hospital fans have gotten an eyeful of Robert Scorpio and Anna Devane recently, is this a sign of things to come? Some fans are banking on it, but a word to the wise — Robert (Tristan Rogers) better man up if he expects to be Anna’s (Finola Hughes) man!

Robert and Anna have history, careers, and a child in common. They go way back and are Port Charles’ royalty. With the return of Hayden (Rebecca Budig) imminent, many fans think the writing is on the wall, and Fanna will be broken up in favor of Fayden. All that is well and good, even expected. Soap happiness is short-lived, and happy couples become boring couples. Look at CarSon!

This version of Scorpio (even his name is dangerous!) has got to go. Scorpio is a world-class super spy, he eats treachery for lunch. You don’t get to be in the WSB (World Security Bureau) by being wimpy. And yet, that is exactly what viewers have gotten over the last few weeks, a watered down version of one of the manliest men on the planet. Why?

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If the writers are trying to be cute by having a fumbling Robert lose Anna’s engagement ring, it isn’t working. If you’ve been under a rock recently, Robert has done his best to best Finn (Michael Easton), Anna’s current beau. He’s needled the poor guy endlessly, and once he got hold of Finn’s ring he kept it from him.

When the ring went missing, Robert cowered in a way the real Scorpio never would! A nervous wreck, Mac (John J. York) had to drag him off to procure a fake bauble. Really? If this had happened in his heyday, Robert would never have tried to cover up his misstep, he would have manned up and fessed up!

Instead, he looked ridiculous when his deception came to light. Finn spotted the fake in an instant!

This muttering, stuttering shell of a superhero that the writers are pushing on fans is as fake as the garish knock-off bobby dazzler he tried to pawn off. Finn didn’t buy Robert’s lameness, and neither should loyal fans.

General Hospital airs weekdays on ABC.

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