General Hospital stars Michael Easton and Rebecca Budig share sweet ‘goodbye’ messages as Hayden leaves Port Charles

Rebecca Budig and Michael Easton as Hayden and Finn on General Hospital.
Hayden and Finn shared their second goodbye on General Hospital. Pic credit: ABC

General Hospital stars Michael Easton (Finn) and Rebecca Budig (Hayden) both shared sweet messages on social media following Hayden’s exit from Port Charles.

The pairing of Finn and Hayden was dubbed Fayden early on. Their fan base quickly grew and General Hospital viewers adjusted to the couple just in time for her to leave the show. She returned earlier this year, but now she is gone again.

Micheal Easton shared a beautiful tribute to his General Hospital co-star on Facebook that read in part, “Then again maybe there are no “goodbyes” for us. I imagine wherever you are, wherever you go, a part of you will remain with me.”

Rebecca Budig shared a photo on Instagram of herself with Michael Easton. The two have a unique friendship and their chemistry has been off the charts since they were paired together the first time around.

Now she is saying goodbye again, which has been bittersweet. She said in part, “I will miss my friend..for those like him are hard to come by..but I know our paths will cross again. (Or at least one can hope :) xo”

Hayden said goodbye to Violet (Jophielle Love) yesterday, leaving her in the care of Finn and Anna (Finola Hughes). She didn’t tell anyone she was leaving, which has General Hospital fans wondering how her daughter and her father will find out that she isn’t going to return.

Nikolas (Marcus Coloma) has convinced Hayden that it is in her best interest to leave Port Charles to keep Violet safe. Valentin (James Patrick Stuart) has threatened her and is working to find out why the portrait of Helena (Constance Towers) is in high demand. Hayden will be walking away from the family she has always wanted and it is unclear if, or when, she will be returning.

As Fayden fans mourn their General Hospital ship, the show must go on.

General Hospital airs weekdays on ABC.

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