General Hospital spoilers: Sonny surprises Margaux, Ryan closes in on Jordan, Elizabeth gets bad news

Sonny on General Hospital
General Hospital spoilers: Sonny seems to have found some genuine sincerity. Pic Credit: ABC

General Hospital spoilers for the Thursday November 15, 2018 episode of ABC’s sudser reveal that there is a lot of surprising action and touching moments in store for your favorite characters. Could a mobster and a D.A. really form a friendship? And could an evil killer be stalking his next prey?

Cam (William Lipton) is a kid who has been giving his mom Elizabeth (Rebecca Herbst) fits. Of course she was the same kind of kid, so the apple didn’t fall far from the tree. Spoilers tease that on Thursday the good nurse has a sad, sad moment. Does it have to do with her wayward son? Or is there worse news on the horizon?

Ryan (Jon Lindstrom) beheaded his enemy and left her head to bob with Halloween apples. Has he got a more horrendous plan for his next victim? The chief of police is closing in on his nefarious evil doing, and he has no intention of being caught. Does this mean that Jordan (Briana Nicole Henry) is in for a life or death encounter? Expect the doppelgänger to move on Jordan in a most surprising way.

Elsewhere Drew (Billy Miller) acts from the heart. In response, Curtis (Donnell Turner) is touched by his friend’s action.

Someone else is acting kindly but it’s a bit, ok a lot, out of character. On Thursday Sonny comes a calling on Margaux (Elizabeth Hendrickson). She has no idea that he’s had an amazing psychic experience in which he relived the events of his life, and they involved her in a twisted sort of way.

On Monday Sonny relived the gruesome moment he shot and killed her father a ton of years ago. He left poor Margaux without a dad, a crime for which she now wants his head on a platter. Will his newfound sincerity melt her anger toward him?

General Hospital airs on weekdays on ABC.

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