General Hospital spoilers: Rebecca Budig returns as Hayden

Rebecca Budig as Hayden on General Hospital.
Hayden is returning Port Charles this summer on General Hospital. Pic credit: ABC

General Hospital is pulling out all of the stops this year. From familiar faces returning to shocking deaths, Port Charles has been rocked to the core.

May sweeps is in high gear and there has already been plenty of name dropping. Hayden (Rebecca Budig) was recently brought up. This isn’t the first time General Hospital has inserted her name into the storyline, but this time, there is a purpose.

Is Rebecca Budig returning to General Hospital?

After months of wondering if Hayden would ever return to Port Charles, the answer has finally been revealed. According to Entertainment Weekly, Rebecca Budig is on her way back to film as her alter ego.

The last time General Hospital fans saw Hayden, she was exiting the canvas and pregnant with Finn’s (Michael Easton) child. She told him she had lost the baby but that was not the case. With all of that hanging in the balance, her return is highly anticipated.

Rebecca Budig left in September 2017 after two years on General Hospital. Given that she not only has ties to Finn but also Elizabeth (Rebecca Herbst), there is plenty of opportunities for her to weasel her way back into Port Charles.

Will Hayden reunite with Finn?

At this point, all that is known is that Hayden is headed back to Port Charles this summer. It is unclear if she has already filmed or will be filming in the near future.

Finn loved Hayden and losing her crushed him. She stood by his side and loved him and that silly lizard Roxy. After she lied to him about the loss of the baby and took off, things were never the same.

Now, Finn is involved with Anna (Finola Hughes) and he is ready to pop the question. Pesky Robert (Tristan Rogers) is always getting in the way and now, it looks like Hayden will be yet another obstacle for the couple to overcome.

General Hospital airs weekdays on ABC.

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