General Hospital spoilers: Margaux sneaks around, Carly needs Stone Cold, Curtis is on the case!

Carly and Sonny on General Hospital
General Hospital spoilers: Carly (left) seen here with Sonny, unburdens herself to Stone Cold this week. Pic Credit: ABC

General Hospital spoilers for the Monday, November 5, 2018 episode of ABC’s soap promise a day full of wheeling and dealing in Port Charles. Let’s get started dishing the soapy dirt!

Curtis (Donnell Turner) is a busy boy and he has his work cut out for him. His professional and personal lives are on track and he’s in demand! On Monday the hunky P.I. and groom-to-be is in a generous mood. When Curtis sees a need to be filled, he is more than happy to offer his help.

A bit sneakier is Margaux (Elizabeth Hendrickson). The beautiful D.A. was disappointed to learn that her boss ended the investigation into her father, Vincent Marino’s, death. But true to her spitfire character, Margaux takes matters into her own hands.

Even though he dad was a mob minion, she loved him and doesn’t think that he deserved to die. Especially not at the hands of Sonny (Maurice Benard).

Look for the tough cookie to start her own inquiry next week, one that promises to change a few lives in the near future. The question is, will her target’s lives be better off or worse off?

Speaking of Sonny, he has his hands full with domestic and professional matters. He’s trying to save his head from getting severed by Margaux, plus he has a dangerous dad and a depressed son. So it’s no wonder that Carly (Laura Wright) chooses to unburden herself to Stone Cold (Steve Burton). Wouldn’t it be nice to see these two enjoy a game of pool together like in the old days? But I digress.

Revisiting Ferncliff was a not so bright idea, Carly realizes now. The wretched institution for the criminally insane was bad enough the first time around. But going on a reunion tour just wasn’t such a good impulse.

There she meets up with her old nemesis, Mary Pat (Pat Bethune). Hours later, Mary Pat’s head was bobbing with the Halloween apples! What will Carly do about this travesty? Tune in and find out!

General Hospital airs weekdays during the day on ABC.

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