General Hospital spoilers: Laura is in danger and Mike proposes

Genie Francis as Laura Collins on General Hospital.
Danger follows Laura everywhere she goes. Pic credit: ABC

General Hospital is full of thrills and chills on Wednesday, May 15, as a missing ring turns up in the wrong hands and a lovely lady gets the shock of her life.

On Tuesday, plenty of mayhem unfolded as Finn’s (Michael Easton) engagement ring for Anna (Finola Hughes) went missing. He thought Robert (Tristan Rogers) had it but to his shock, the ring box was empty.

No worries mate, he ran out and got a faux ring that was kind of like the real thing!

Do you think Finn will notice? The best part was the cute bonding between Finn and his brother Chase (Josh Swickard), with the detective offering to shake down Scorpio!

Well, the real ring appears at last, but it’s Mike (Max Gail) who uses it to propose to Yvonne Godfrey (Janet Hubert). Uh oh!

Something has Laura (Genie Francis) spooked and she doesn’t scare easily. By the looks of things she either has an encounter with the handless Ryan (Jon Lindstrom) or the women associated with him in that creepy little house.

Laura and Curtis (Donnell Turner) finally met the mystery lady, who turned out to be more mysterious than imagined. Is she being held hostage by Ryan, or helping him of her own free will? What we do know is that she told someone in the house that she got the paper they wanted, with a picture of Ava (Maura West) and Kevin (Jon Lindstrom) front and center.

The next thing viewers saw was a big old butcher knife stab into the perfectly nice pic of the two “lovebirds.” If it wasn’t Ryan wielding the knife, who in the world could it be? A crazed Dawn of Day-type who hates happy couples?

Does Laura come face to face with Ryan, and if so, is it too late for Curtis to save her?

Be sure to tune in and find out!

General Hospital airs weekdays on ABC.

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