General Hospital spoilers for next week: Sonny gets confrontational, wedding events, and more

Maurice Benard as Sonny Corinthos on General Hospital.
Sonny becomes confrontational on General Hospital. Pic credit: ABC

General Hospital spoilers for next week’s episodes of the hit ABC soap tease that the drama is kicking up as May sweeps get closer.

There is so much happening in Port Charles, and many of the storylines are tied to the slow spiraling of Sonny (Maurice Benard).

With the tampering of his medication and the betrayal he feels from some of the most important people in his life, there’s bound to be an explosion.

Brook Lynn (Amanda Setton) and Chase’s (Josh Swickard) wedding has also taken center stage and will be a big part of sweeps next month.

As the people of Port Charles navigate the changing tides, there will be plenty of shocking moments to experience.

Here’s what to expect next week on General Hospital.

Concern for Sonny grows

After lashing out about those who have betrayed him, Sonny will come face-to-face with Carly (Laura Wright). These two have battled before, but this time, there may not be a way back.

Jason (Steve Burton) will also be in Sonny’s crosshairs, and we don’t see this going well.

Meanwhile, Ava (Maura West) is now in the know about the medication. What she does with that information remains to be seen, but it proves that she isn’t in cahoots with Valentin (James Patrick Stuart).

When Carly and Nina (Cynthia Watros) come together, it can only be out of concern for Sonny. They both recognize something isn’t right, but will they be able to figure out how to pull him from the depths of his paranoia?

Gregory deals with another crisis

As the wedding for Chase and Brook Lynn inches closer, Gregory (Gregory Harrison) continues to decline.

He has shut everyone out, but next week, General Hospital spoilers reveal that there is a confrontation between him and Finn (Michael Easton). It’s likely the doctor overstepped again, but it’s out of concern.

Chase and Brook Lynn’s bachelor/bachelorette parties happen next week, and we already know that the men will be throwing hatchets to celebrate. An unexpected guest is teased — who could it be?

Other Port Charles tidbits

Despite concern from those around him, Dex (Evan Hofer) moves forward with his plans.

Kristina (Kate Mansi) is fit to be tied next week when she crosses paths with Joss (Eden McCoy). The two women go at it again, and it raises concern about the baby Kristina is carrying. With the recent worries TJ (Tajh Bellow) has expressed about allowing Molly’s (Kristen Vaganos) sister to be their surrogate, something tells us that this doesn’t help.

Sam (Kelly Monaco) will once again warn Jason about staying away from Danny (Asher Antonyzyn), but the teen doesn’t seem to want to follow his mom’s directions.

There’s so much happening next week, be sure to tune in daily so that not a moment of the juicy drama is missed.

General Hospital airs weekdays on ABC.

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Pamela Bowen
Pamela Bowen
29 days ago

When is everything going to come out about Sonny? I am not liking were this story line is going! Remember that Valentin is always getting away with things!! Why hasn’t he been put in jail like everyone is trying to do with Sonny? I hope that Lois steps in and realizes what the HELL is going on here!!!