General Hospital spoilers: Drew and Kim are set to rock Port Charles

Tamara Braun as Kim on General Hospital.
Franco is now Drew, and he remembers Kim. Pic credit: ABC

General Hospital fans got their first glimpse of Dim this week (or is it Krew?) and the pandemonium is off the charts. It’s a love-hate thing, with even odds you’re either going to like or loathe this blast-from-the-past couple.

Nu-Drew is going to put a wrench into quite a lot of plans and relationships in the coming days. First off, the memory transfer was successful—depending on who you ask.

Certainly not for poor Elizabeth (Rebecca Herbst) who lost her husband as a result of Drew’s (Billy Miller) memories from 2012 being swapped in.

Franco (Roger Howarth) doesn’t remember her and keeps calling her ma’am, but he remembers Kim (Tamara Braun). Very well.

His eyes popped when he caught sight of her, then started wooing her with corny lines from the past. At first, she was agog, but darn it if she didn’t get a look on her face that said she would give anything to step back in time.

She may be about to get her wish. She and Julian (William deVry) were all set to move away to escape the memories of her late son.

Now, she may stay for memories from a different time and place in the past. Explosive show spoilers reveal that these two are drawn to the other’s orbit next week, even though it’s all a bit weird and hard to comprehend.

Frew will actively look to be with Kim, and for her part, Kim is conflicted. She loved Drew at one point in time and right now she’s so emotionally fragile that she’s vulnerable to this mish-mash of a man.

Where does this leave newlywed Friz? Liz is adrift. She can’t help Franco who doesn’t want to spend time with her. Even more heartbreaking, Franco volunteered to be a guinea pig so that Cam (William Lipton) could be set free.

For now, there are no easy answers!

General Hospital airs weekdays on ABC.

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