General Hospital spoilers: Andre returns but will he be able to help Franco?

Anthony Montgomery as Andre Maddox on General Hospital.
Andre Maddox is incapacitated on General Hospital. Pic credit: ABC

General Hospital fans got their first glimpse of Andre Maddox (Anthony Montgomery) although he needed to be identified by name since he was lying in a hospital, rigged up to machines. This is a fine situation as he was supposed to bring solutions and answers to town, and now he’s the one in need of care.

Dr. Andre Maddox managed to get himself inside the doors at General Hospital’s ER but collapsed without saying a word. His appearance brings more questions than answers.

Where in the world is Drew (Billy Miller)? He was on a mission to find and return Andre, has he fallen off the planet? Or, maybe he got an idea about how to best spend the one million dollars he was toting under his arm?

Meanwhile, Andre was seen as the last chance to reverse the horrible and highly unlikely but still doable memory transfer that has Franco (Roger Howarth) believing he’s Drew.

We last saw Andre, he had been released from prison after doing time for his various nefarious crimes. At that time, he told Drew that another memory transfer procedure was very risky and could backfire, causing all sorts of unintended consequences.

What does this mean for Frew and his loved ones, including Kim (Tamara Braun), who is falling hard for the shadow of the man she once was in love with?

If Andre wakes up, he’ll probably be reluctant to operate based on his past comments. Then again, a lot is riding on this procedure with Franco’s mind being at stake, not to mention putting his life at considerable risk. If Andre pulls off a successful procedure he’ll be hailed as a hero and go down in textbook history.

Anna (Finola Hughes) might even want to have something to do with him again.

Will it be enough to get him to tinker with Frew’s brain?

Be sure to tune in and find out!

General Hospital airs weekdays on ABC.

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