General Hospital speculation: Kevin donates Ryan’s kidney to save Jordan

Jon Lindstrom as Ryan on General Hospital.
Ryan is in need of medical care after being stabbed by Ava. Pic credit: ABC

General Hospital spoilers have teased that Jordan (Briana Nicole Henry) is in dire need of a kidney. After being run down by Drew (Billy Miller), the police commissioner is in no shape to be working.

The accident happened when Drew had a blackout and went blind. It was all tied to the experiment the DVX did with identical twins. Jason (Steve Burton) was also affected by the blindness. In fact, so were Anna and Alex (Finola Hughes) and Kevin and Ryan (Jon Lindstrom).

As Jordan has been fighting to regain normalcy, a huge setback happened. She suffered a cardiac event that left her in dire need of a kidney transplant and unable to continue dialysis. Kevin was initially thought to be a match but after his time in Ferncliff due to Ryan’s shenanigans, he tested as pre-diabetic.

Flashforward to the last two days of General Hospital where Curtis (Donnell Turner) realizes that Ryan is also a match for Jordan. If he can keep him alive, perhaps he can cut a deal and save his new bride. Unfortunately, things won’t be that easy.

Friday’s cliffhanger saw Ava (Maura West) stab Ryan in the back as he was being taken out of her cabin in handcuffs (did the writers think we forget his hand was amputated). Now, he is in no shape to refuse to help Jordan.

Viewers have been questioning how Jordan would be saved. You obviously cannot force someone to give up their kidney, but this is soapland after all. General Hospital viewers know that where there is a will there’s a way and Curtis’ will to keep Jordan alive is strong.

Now, it looks like Ryan will be on life support. Kevin will be his next of kin and be responsible for making medical decisions. It is likely he will choose to remove the medical treatment and opt to give Ryan’s kidney to Jordan. He does owe Port Charles a lot after the killing spree his brother went on last year.

This is obviously not set in stone and is just a guess, but it seems General Hospital will likely go this route. Why else would Ava stab him in the back on the way out? Ryan’s life is likely over and that will allow Jordan to heal and get back to heading up the PCPD.

General Hospital airs weekdays on ABC.

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