General Hospital speculation: Finn murders Ryan to save Jordan

Michael Easton as Finn on General Hospital.
Finn isn’t a fan of Ryan Chamberlain but is murder on his mind? Pic credit: ABC

General Hospital fans know that Finn is a conflicted soul, but is he capable of murder after Anna leaves him? In what was a tremendously limp Friday cliffhanger, Anna (Finola Hughes) informed her beau that she’s off to Zurich to deal with her demented twin, Alex. His response was priceless, “today?!”

Yep, just like that she said ta-ta, but threw in something about how her ring is nice, too! After all these two have been through, including his massive panic attacks about commitment and the loss of his precious engagement ring, she’s off to the races. In actuality, Hughes is taking her annual extended break, which explains her absence.

Finn was understandably floored. This has got to mess with his psyche! I mean, his therapy lizard Roxy can only be so much consolation.

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Is this rude departure enough to cause him to break from reality and go off the deep end? Maybe, yes!

Explosive show spoilers reveal that Finn actually proposes murder in order to save Jordan’s (Briana Nicole Henry) life.

In a licentious show preview he is seen telling Curtis (Donnell Turner) that once he has Ryan (Jon Lindstrom) on the operating table to extract a life-saving kidney for Jordan, he will “make sure he never wakes up.”

Wow! That sure sounds illegal to me. I don’t think the medical licensing board would approve either, but Ryan is acting cranky about giving up a kidney, and no one really wants him around to cause more mayhem.

The nasty but real truth is that no one will have any use for Ryan after his organ is extracted.

Could Finn be capable of killing a patient? Apparently so. Call it a mercy killing if you must!

Anyway, after this whole dilemma, the fact is that bad seed Hayden (Rebecca Budig) will soon be around to soothe his conscience. if he still has one.

General Hospital airs weekdays on ABC.

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