General Hospital speculation: Curtis goes to the dark side to save Jordan

Briana Nicole Henry as Jordan Ashford on General Hospital.
Jordan is in dire need of a kidney. Pic credit: ABC

General Hospital fans should brace themselves for a trip to the dark side if Curtis (Donnell Turner) intends to keep his promise to a dying Jordan (Briana Nicole Henry). Can he save his wife before it’s too late?

The languishing PCPD commish is in dire straits, needing a kidney and having a heart condition that is taking her down faster than anticipated. A sensational new video tease promises that a distraught but determined Curtis is willing to do absolutely anything to get Jordan a life-saving kidney.

Does this include making a deal with the devil? After Kevin (Jon Lindstrom) struck out as a kidney donor, his evil twin Ryan popped up as a good alternative.

As long as he survives Ava (Maura West) literally back-stabbing him, and presuming he has no unforeseen medical maladies, he’s in the running to save someone’s life. Oh the irony of that statement!

“This is life and death,” moans poor Jordan from her hospital bed. Somehow, she still looks incredibly beautiful even at death’s door.

“I’m gonna get you that kidney,” vows Curtis, “You are not going anywhere, not on my watch.”

Uh oh, be careful what you wish for in soapland. By the sound of his voice, Curtis will move heaven and earth, and maybe even purgatory and hell, to save the woman he loves — but at what price?

The last I heard, forcibly cutting out organs from a live donor is a no-no in a civilized society. This protection extends to serial killing madmen, too!

If Ryan’s past sleazy behavior is any indication, he’ll agree to give up a part of himself only if he gets something equally valuable in return. What could this be — his freedom, a spot in the witness protection program, an extra cushy mattress at Ferncliff?

Between them, Jordan can bend the rules, and Curtis can bend Ryan like a pretzel—so anything’s possible!

General Hospital airs weekdays on ABC.

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