General Hospital promo teases death stalks Port Charles!

Steve Burton as Jason Morgan on General Hospital.
Will Jason take out Shiloh on Sonny’s order? Pic credit: ABC

Death is darkening the doorstep of several General Hospital characters this week. Who is marked for death and who has nine lives?

A hot General Hospital promo video you don’t want to miss teases that one or more Port Charles residents could exit the canvas in a sizzling and shocking manner. What are the chances that three characters, two beloved and one loathed, could meet their maker within hours?

Shiloh (Coby Ryan McLaughlin) being a marked man is no secret. He’s been getting on everyone’s last nerve for months–when Stone Cold (Steve Burton) has you in his sights, better get the will in order!

This week, Sam (Kelly Monaco) and Shiloh strip down to their bare skin in a bid to get the upper hand. Who wins and who loses?  It’s a hot and soapy “love” scene you definitely do not want to miss! Poor Sam, it’s all she can do not to gag at the cad’s smarmy question, “are you ready?” The better question is, Shiloh, are you ready?!

Adding to Jason’s reasons to exterminate the vermin, Sonny gives him an order to eliminate the problem. Sonny’s had it up to here with Kristina’s (Lexi Ainsworth) angst but will she ever forgive him if he orders a hit on Shiloh?

Poor Jordan (Briana Nicole Henry). Her kidney isn’t functioning so well, and she’s warned she needs a transplant, stat. Next thing we see, the beauty collapses like a hot mess with no one to catch her. Add concussion to her list of maladies.

Then there’s Oscar (Garren Stitt). You gotta admit it, things could be worse than living out your final days at the cushy Quartermaine mansion. But, he makes a shocking request that no one saw coming!

When the dying teen targets Drew (Billy Miller) and Jason for an unlikely mission, jaws will drop. Just what does he want to have happen before he passes?

Be sure to tune in and find out!

General Hospital airs weekdays on ABC.

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