General Hospital is making a big mistake by tearing apart Anna and Robin

Finola Hughes and Tristan Rogers as Anna and Robert on General Hospital
Anna’s biggest fear is that Alex’s memory is Robin. Pic credit: ABC

General Hospital has it all wrong with the “is Anna really Robin’s mom?” storyline. First of all, fans are not liking it. Why tear down a great piece of GH history?

If it’s for ratings, it’s really not necessary. If it’s for soapy scandal, then the handless, crazy, maniac currently on the loose (we think) is a far more juicy and outrageous story. Who doesn’t think that a bloody, deformed Ryan (Jon Lindstrom) won’t terrorize the town during May sweeps?

Anna (Finola Hughes) and Robin (Kimberly McCullough) have a bond that is legendary in soap history. Robin grew up on the show and is still an integral part of the cast even if she’s not a regular. Soap fans appreciate tradition, and this mother-daughter duo fits the bill perfectly.

Who doesn’t know the story of how Hughes stood up to show brass when they wanted to SORAS Robin, and replace the adorable and talented actress? The show backed down, and because of it,  fans have watched a fabulous relationship unfold on screen spanning decades.

One of the most memorable soap storylines, the Robin/Stone arc would not have had the same lasting impact if it were not for McCullough’s brave and raw portrayal of an HIV survivor.

So, are you kidding that Alex (Finola Hughes), and not Anna is really Robin’s mom? C’mon General Hospital, you can do better than this. Taking a wrecking ball to the show’s history makes no sense. Especially since GH is the only soap left on ABC, and the longest-running US sudser in production.

General Hospital debuted in 1963. Since that time, generations of families have watched the exploits, trials, and joys of core characters like Anna and Robin. Splitting them up now serves no purpose and will anger a loyal fan base.

It would be better to focus on Anna and her hottie Finn (Michael Easton). Why are these two gorgeous, passionate, characters together if not to enjoy some love in the afternoon?

Let’s hope the madness ends, history prevails, and Anna and Finn get a steamy story that takes loyal fans into the next decade and beyond.

General Hospital airs weekdays on ABC.

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