General Hospital casting news: Veronica Cartwright joins GH

Veronica Cartwright at at red carpet arrival
Another mysterious character is headed to Port Charles. Pic credit: ©

General Hospital fans are in for an exciting new arrival in Port Charles as Veronica Cartwright is set to appear in a short-term role in July.

According to Entertainment Weekly, the veteran actress will make her first appearance in early July, and stick around for five episodes. Details are scarce, however, and the show has not revealed any information on who Cartwright will be playing. Nonetheless, there is at least one clue floating around!

A pic reveals Cartwright and Maura West in a scene together. West plays villainess Ava Jerome who has been through the wringer recently. It also appears that Cartwright’s character is no angel and will kick up a fuss upon her arrival. Juicy!

Could Cartwright be playing Ava’s mom? That role was formerly held by Ilene Kristen but a recast is possible.  It’s not hard to see the resemblance between them, and the age difference makes sense. If so, Ava is in for more trouble beyond her recent scandals.

Poor Ava. She’s no angel, but she did not deserve to have her daughter be murdered and then be conned by the killer. Ava spent a good amount of time in the clutches of Ryan Chamberlain (Jon Lindstrom) who is now recovering from a stolen kidney.

Before that, she happily took up with the con, defending the relationship to everyone who tried to tell her otherwise. Of course, she thought it was the really good twin, Kevin (also Jon Lindstrom), but still.

If Cartwright is Ava’s mom, then clearly the nut hasn’t fallen far from the tree. Will she come to town to chastise her wayward daughter for being so gullible? Maybe she’s a doctor sent to work on Ryan’s case and runs interference? I know, it will turn out to really be Faison (Anders Hove) in another genius latex mask!

Cartwright’s acting credits include mega film Alien, ER, L.A. Law, The Witches of Eastwick, Supernatural, Criminal Minds, The X-Files, and Invasion of the Body Snatchers.

General Hospital airs weekdays on ABC.

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