Doug and Julie on Days of our Lives: How old are they and how long have they been on the show?

What is Doug and Julie's Days of our Lives history?
Doug and Julie are a legendary Days couple on and off-screen. Pic credit: NBC

Doug and Julie on Days of our Lives have fans buzzing thanks to a new storyline. Days viewers can’t help but need a refresher on the couple.

After all, Julie (Susan Seaforth Hayes) and Doug (Bill Hayes) are a legendary couple on the hit NBC daytime drama. They also kicked off the supercouple phenomenon in the soap opera world. Plus, Susan and Bill have been married in real life longer than their alter egos.

Over the decades, Doug and Julie have been featured off and on, just like many characters on the soap opera. They’ve been considered recurring since 1999.

Julie has remained more of a core character the past few years than her husband. However, that’s all about to change as Days of our Lives kicks off a storyline focused on Doug’s mental health.

The new front-burner story focused on the legendary duo has piqued interest in them so let’s do a little refresher.

How old are Doug and Julie on Days of our Lives?

One of the most popular questions being asked now that Doug has been onscreen more is how old he and Julie are today.

Those who watched the show last week will recall Julie revealed that Doug is 96 years old. The same age as his portrayer, Bill.

Julie is quite a bit younger than her husband. Although the NBC show hasn’t explicitly mentioned her age, Susan is 78 years old, so it is assumed Julie is the same age.

How long have Julie and Doug been on Days of our Lives?

The history of Doug and Julie is one for the books. Julie was introduced as a teenager on the very first episode of Days of our Lives in 1968. She is the last remaining character currently on screen that has been with the show since day one.

Doug showed up in Salem two years later, in 1970. When Julie and Doug first met, they didn’t like each other, but then sparks started flying.

Yes, it was a typical soap opera couple pairing. This time around, though, the daytime drama struck gold with the couple.

After Susan and Bill married in 1974, an outpour of fan support flooded the writers hoping for a Doug and Julie wedding. In 1976, Days fans got their wish when the show went all out for Julie and Doug’s nuptials. Bill and Susan even appeared on the cover of Time magazine to honor the occasion.

There is no question the supercouple has been put through the wringer over their nearly five decades of romance. Nothing they’ve been through will compare to what comes next for Doug and Julie.

Grab some tissues Days fans, because it will be one emotional roller coaster ride for the super couple.

Days of our Lives airs weekdays on Days of our Lives.

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Autumn Gabriel
Autumn Gabriel
1 year ago

Very 1st episode of Days was November 8, 1965. At that time a different actress portrayed Julie. Perhaps this author meant the very 1st episode with Susan Seaforth was in 1968? LOVE Doug & Julie!! My goodness gracious, they both look phenomenal! Bill Hayes is very handsome & sure does NOT look 96!!!

Susan P.
1 year ago

I have watched Days since the very beginning. The characters are like family!! God Bless Doug and Julie (Bill and Susan)

Janiece Carlson
Janiece Carlson
1 year ago

I also watched this show from day one but they seem to be out of original stories yo be bringing back the “Devil” yet again…

Engelina S.
Engelina S.
1 year ago

Days of our lives has been my favorite show since I moved here from the Netherlands in 1966, and I am still watching. However, I am so very disappointed in all the plastic surgeries that most every female has undergone.
Maggie was the last good looking older female, and now she too looks like she wears a mask. Too, too bad! It saddens me that real life beauties can not age naturally on tv.
I will be 78 years old soon myself, and believe in natural aging, and do get compliments often
May be one of these days, older women will be portrayed as they age, so that everyone else in the country can identify with them.

Anita R
Anita R
2 months ago

They are 10 years apart thats not bad