Daytime Drama: Days of our Lives’ Abe deserves a front burner storyline!

James Reynolds as Abe on Days of our Lives.
Abe deserves some storyline love. Pic credit: NBC

Days of our Lives fans have had the pleasure of watching James Reynolds portray Abe Carver for decades on NBC’s only remaining soap. During that time he’s had multiple front burner stories, been the town’s mayor, and enjoyed plenty of romances. So seeing him languish in the background as Stefan’s (Brandon Barash) employee is something of a letdown for fans of the stellar veteran actor.

There is a lot of venom and verve left in Honest Abe, and a ton of talent that’s being squandered by having Reynolds play out his current minor role.

Here are just three of the many, many plot points that would give Abe back his sizzle and give Reynolds a chance to show his chops.

How about Abe teaming with Lani (Sal Stower) to run their detective agency? Lani inherited her dad’s love of the law and is one of Salem P.D.’s finest. Teaming these two up would be a pleasure for fans to see, a father-daughter duo taking on the bad guys and growing closer in the process.

Too saccharine? Ok, fair enough. Abe is long overdue for a walk on the wild side, and if he decided to go to the dark side, who better to do it with then the town’s maddest vixen, Eve (Kassie DePaiva)? With Abe’s backchannel connections and Eve’s moxie, these two forces of nature would make a formidable, nasty pair of baddies.

Too far out there? Then how about Abe enjoying the kind of romance he deserves? Things went south with Sheila (Tionne “T-Boz” Watkins) but there is a sweet Salem woman who could make Abe very happy. Maggie (Suzanne Rogers) and Abe are the perfect candidates for an old-fashioned romance. They’ve both been around the block, and have the scars to show for it. Together, they could create magic by pooling their wisdom and sharing their love of life, their friends and family, and Days of our Lives viewers.

Doesn’t that sound a lot better than what Abe is doing now?

Days of our Lives airs weekdays on NBC.

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