Days of our Lives star Emily O’Brien opens up about taking over Theresa from Jen Lilley

Emily O'Brien and Jen Lilley as Theresa Donovan on Days
Emily gave credit to Jen for helping her at Days. Pic credit: Peacock

Days of our Lives fan favorite Emily O’Brien has gotten real about taking over the role of Theresa Donovan from Jen Lilley.

The Theresa recast on the hit Peacock soap has been one hot topic because of how it was handled.

As Days fans know, Jen originated the role, but Emily was asked to step in during this latest stint, which began with Jen playing Theresa.

Jen has previously put the hit daytime drama on blast for how the recast went down.

Emily broke her silence last week with a request for Days of our Lives viewers.

After a few episodes of her Theresa airing, Emily has shared how she feels about the recast switcheroo.

Days of our Lives star Emily O’Brien opens up about taking over Theresa from Jen Lilley

Speaking with Soap Opera Digest, Emily admitted she wasn’t sure how to feel about the situation.

Emily had never been a recast before, so she knew nothing about taking over a role.

“I was watching [Jen Lilley, ex-Theresa] thinking, ‘How am I going to do this? I’m nothing like Jen, and she’s had this role for five years. How am I going to step in and do this justice? The fans are going to just hate me,” Emily expressed.

However, her job as an actor is to make the role her own. Emily knows she is not Jen. She had to do her best not to emulate Jen while also staying true to the character of Theresa.

“All I can do is play the role of Theresa the way that I feel is the right way for me and that fits for me. I have not sought out to emulate Jen or be her in any way. I’m just trying to be the best representation possible through my view. I hope that that translates,” the actress stated.

Emily did seek help from Jen in terms of the backstory of Theresa. After that, though, Emily has done her own thing and simply hopes the fans give her a chance.

She also wanted to clarify that she did not steal the role of Theresa from Jen.

“It wasn’t really Jen’s choice or my choice. I’m just an actor taking a job. I hope that the fans embrace [my Theresa] and embrace me… I hope that they embrace this all as a whole and can just accept it,” she shared.

In fact, Jen has given Emily mad props for stepping into the role of Theresa and how she’s portraying the character.

Two things Emily doesn’t like about Theresa are not having her British accent and the blonde wig. The latter was something Days fans agreed with, too.

Emily O’Brien gives shoutouts to Days costars

Playing a new character allows Emily to interact with different actors on set.

Emily has thoroughly enjoyed working with Robert Scott Wilson (Alex) again and getting to know Eric Martsolf (Brady).

“I feel very lucky to be set with these two guys. We’re having a really good time discovering the situations that we’re in together,” Emily shared with the outlet.

However, she does miss working closely with Greg Rikaart (Leo) and Paul Telfer (Xander).

Emily O’Brien’s stint as Theresa Donovan will wrap up before the end of the year. The recast was only for a short time.

The actress has yet to reveal if that means Gwen will return to Salem or if Emily will exit Days of our Lives. Chances are that Emily and the show want to focus on her as Theresa, which was why Gwen was written out, and the character will return.

Days of our Lives airs weekdays on Peacock.

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Lupe Byfield
Lupe Byfield
9 months ago

Jen Lily does Theresa much better than Emily O’brien. Her accent throws everything off. So far I am not a fan of Emily O’Brien and never have been.

Kathy Du
Kathy Du
8 months ago
Reply to  Lupe Byfield

I don’t like Emily in this role at all and prefer not to watch. She keeps fiddling with her hair (wig) like she’s not use to it and its annoying. I much prefer the previous Teresa (Jen)