Days of our Lives spoilers: Sarah hates on Rex, Marlena meets with her daughters, Bonnie leaves town

Sami on Days of our Lives
Days of our Lives spoilers: Sami is back in town. Pic Credit: NBC

Days of our Lives spoilers for the Tuesday, November 6, 2018 episode of the NBC soap reveal that family relationships are front and center in Salem as reunions take place, relationships are on the rocks, and a special someone bids adieu.

Marlena (Deidre Hall) has a busy day as she spends time with her daughters. Sami (Alison Sweeney) is eager to tell her mom all about her hopes and fears concerning E.J. By the way, hasn’t it been nice having Sami back in town? We know that it can’t last forever, but Sami brings a certain flair, not to mention nostalgia, to the proceedings, am I right?

Marlena listens patiently as Sami spills her guts. What should she do? Marlena always has the answer!

Belle (Martha Madison) also spends time with her mom. It’s been a while since these two were together, as Belle thought that Hattie was Marlena. It’s a long story!

Anyway, not only does Belle get to reunite with her mom, she and John (Drake Hogestyn) also spend some time hashing things out. Yes, they bury the hatchet over Belle trying to prematurely bury Doc. In a manner of speaking.

Remember when Belle had her mom’s life support turned off? Well, neither does Marlena, so it’s all about forgiving and forgetting on Tuesday!

Speaking of doppelgangers, Bonnie (Judi Evans) says goodbye. The gig is up, the ruse is over. She is not Baby Bon Bon’s mother and so there is nothing to keep her hanging around Salem. Will anyone weep?

Certainly not Sarah (Linsey Godfrey) or Rex (Kyle Lowder). They were victims of Bonnie’s harebrained scheme as were others. On Tuesday Sarah lets Rex have it. The good news is that he’s a dad. The bad news is that he didn’t tell her. Wait, he didn’t know either!

Nonetheless, she lets her wrath rain down on the perplexed gentleman. Are these two over for good?

Days of our Lives airs on weekdays on NBC.

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