Days of our Lives spoilers: Gabi may come clean, Chad and Stefan work things out, Rex pleads with Sarah

Chad on Days of our Lives
Days of our Lives spoilers: Chad has further labors to endure. Pic Credit: NBC

Days of our Lives spoilers for the Wednesday November 14, 2018 episode of the NBC soap tease that that oodles of trouble are invading the lives of Salem residents, even while some attempt to make amends. What is going on in the lives of your favorite characters? Let’s start dishing all of the soapy dirt that’s fit to print!

Poor Rex (Kyle Lowder). He learned he was a dad, which sent him over the moon. In more ways than one, seeing as how he found out after the fact. While this should have been the highlight of his life, it came at the cost of his relationship with Sarah (Linsey Godfrey). She was stunned to find out that her fiancé was disloyal. But it could not have come at a worse time, seeing as how the beans were dramatically spilled at her engagement party.

Good old Rex isn’t about to give up however. On Wednesday he does his best to bring Sarah around to his side again. Is she willing to listen? Or will Eric (Greg Vaughan) have something to say about the situation?

Stefan (Tyler Christopher) is the recipient of a cold call. What does Chad (Billy Flynn) have to say to his arch nemesis? Believe it or not he tries to make a deal with the devil.

Speaking of the devil, Gabi (Camila Banus) is hearing voices. To clarify, she’s hearing what appears to be the voice of her conscience!

Can it be that Gabi is about to break free from her demons and turn to the light? Explosive show spoilers reveal that the dark princess is struggling with the impulse to tell the truth. Will she or won’t she?

Now that Abigail (Marci Miller) has had her miracle baby, it would be nice if everyone knew that the adorable little girl is really a Chabby baby.

Days of our Lives airs on weekdays on NBC.

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