Days of our Lives spoilers for next week: Haley reveals her secret, Sarah betrays Eric, Gabi fights Stefan

Sarah and Eric talk on Day of our Lives
Days of our Lives spoilers for next week – Sarah and Eric. Pic Credit: NBC

Days of our Lives spoilers for next week’s episodes of the NBC soap tease that an epic secret comes to light changing several Salem lives forever, while the bad news about Jack (Matthew Ashford) just keeps getting  gets worse.

Will Jack ever get his memory back? Then again, how do we know that this really is Jack? I want to see a DNA test!

Next week Jennifer and Kayla (Mary Beth Evans) have reason to compare notes on the mysterious guy who says he’s the real Jack Deveraux, and what is relayed to Jennifer is anything but hopeful.

In the romance department, or should we say faux-mance department, that sleazy ambulance chaser Ted (Gilles Marini) tries to put the moves on Kate again. Is she buying what he’s selling? Definitely maybe. Now that she’s trying to turn over a new leaf after her role in the Gabi (Camila Banus) mess, she needs a friend. A suave-talking, Euro-hunk with killer hair would be a great friend with benefits!

One friendship that doesn’t last long is the one between Eric (Greg Vaughan) and Sarah (Lindsay Godfrey). What in the world does she do to throw him under the bus? You definitely want to see this!

Speaking of Gabi, she and Stefan (Tyler Christopher) turn on each other in a ugly way that won’t end pretty.

We always need to see more of the incomparable titan of terrible, and next week Victor (John Aniston) is back loud and proud. What he has to offer a stunned Brady (Eric Martsolf) is astonishing!

What in the world is Haley (Thia Megia) hiding? It’s horrid enough to try and take her own life over it whatever it is, and in a spectacular Friday Cliffhanger she will spill every sordid bean to a shocked J.J. (Casey Moss).

Days of our Lives airs weekdays during the day on NBC.

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