Days of our Lives spoilers: Eric and Nicole plot to kill her husband Xander?

Greg Vaughan and Arianne Zucker as Eric and Nicole on Days of our Lives
Will Eric and Nicole plot to kill Xander? Pic credit: NBC

One of the biggest bombshells ever to hit Days of our Lives explodes this week and it is epic. I’m talking about Nicole Walker’s (Arianne Zucker) return, but that’s not all she wrote!

Wait for it — Nicole is married to Xander (Paul Telfer)! That’s right, the naked torso himself in all his glory has put a ring on it, and Nicole is the blushing bride.

How can this be, asks a gobsmacked Eric (Greg Vaughan) who has moved heaven and earth to find his long-lost lady love? He made a beeline for the blonde after Jennifer (Melissa Reeves) finally fessed up and told him that his ex was still in love with him.

Explosive pics show a stunned Eric finally meeting up with Nicole, only for the moment to be ruined by a smirking Xander who points out the rock on Nicole’s finger.

Has lovely Nicole gone over to the dark side? Not for a minute! When the former priest discovered that Nicole was blackmailed into leaving him, he beat a path for the former Misty Circle. Only to find that he should have brought a suitcase full of crosses because Nicole was consorting with the devil.

How can this be? Well, let’s just say that where Xander is concerned, trouble is sure to follow. Apparently, he has blackmailed Nicole as well, and the only thing she could do in her defense was marry the oily but hunky six-pack.

All of this sordid intel will come out into the open, but after it does, the real drama begins. Spoilers reveal that Neric will actually consider the unthinkable. Do they have it in them to put a final end to the reign of terror that Xander has brought upon the good residents of Salem?

Be sure to tune in and find out if these two can neutralize the back-from-the-dead guy once and for all!

Days of our Lives airs weekdays on NBC.

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