Days of our Lives: Is the show going off the air in 2020?

Days of our Lives flash forward trailer opening.
Days of our Lives has made big changes. Pic credit: NBC

Is Days of our Lives over and out? Time has run out on the eternally last place soap in the ratings if a startling report from TVLine is correct.

According to the site, Days of our Lives producers have released the entire cast from their contracts. Additionally, the sudser is scheduled to go on indefinite hiatus at the end of November.

It’s an epic move and while the information is shocking to hear, there may be more to the story. According to Soap Opera Digest, the cast has been aware of the hiatus for months and production is likely to resume sometime in 2020.

What does this all mean? The shock value of the news should be balanced out by the reality that it’s allegedly not exactly news to the cast, so this could all be business as usual, but it does make for good titillation value.

The soap has just pulled off a major and titillating, not to mention unprecedented, storytelling stunt in which they fast-forwarded the plot and characters a year in time. The move got people talking about the show, which is perennially in the last place in the soaps ratings race.

Representatives for NBC, Corday Productions and Sony have not commented on the news, and according to TVLine, the show has enough taped episodes to last through the summer of next year.

According to an unnamed source, the actor’s contracts are handled through Corday Productions, Days of our Lives’ production company.

Until we hear more, anything else is just speculation. The news has got people talking about the show in a major way for the second time in a matter of days. What do you think of the news, let us know your thoughts and opinions!

Days of our Lives airs weekdays on NBC.

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Shirley Barnes
Shirley Barnes
3 years ago

I have been with “Days of our lives since the beginning. When Julie was a nut (smile) stealing her mothers husband Doug. When Hope was a kid running after Bo. Marlena and Roman Brady (about 2-3 Roman Bradys and Now Roman Brady is Kosechek. Through poor Bo Brady goings and comings. I am not 80 years old and my love for my favorite show is being terminated. This like how I felt with Barack Obama left the White House… I am crushed. Me and my group of ten people that is still alive. Me & 2 others in NC and the other 8 still living in NYC. As for me and them, I want to let you know that we almost lost our minds when you skipped a whole year within a week. We all had to restart our brains as a whole wondering “What in the world happen.”. When we finally got it together you came up with Steve Johnson as Stefano. WOW. Anyway times is moving on and with the virus going through the world, We were hoping that at least “Days of our Lives would live a little longer as we are all shut up in the house indefiinely. Well this is my say. Hope, Marlena, John, Rafe, Julie, Doug, Brady, Kayla, Roman, Ciara, Lucas, Maggie, poor Chole who comes and goes as much as the ten or more Kristin DeMara, JJ, Abe, Theo, and all the others. You guys will always be in our mind, conversations for years to come. Also Kate and Chad, Ben who killed so many people. I guessed named most of them…Hope the Network would change its mind atleast until C_-19 Viriurs and the President election is over. Because you keep half way sane. May God Bless you/us all.Your faithful viewer since you hit NBC.

deborrah plumley
deborrah plumley
3 years ago

I have watched Days since its first show, very upsetting it going off all together