Days of our Lives fans sound off on Theresa recast

Emily O'Brien as Theresa Donovan on Days
Theresa has a new, yet familiar, face on Days. Pic credit: Peacock

Days of our Lives fans are sounding off on the Theresa switcheroo that took place this week.

It was a move viewers saw coming after Jen Lilley revealed that she was out, and the character was recast.

As Monsters and Critics previously reported, Jen took aim at the show for how the situation was handled while also giving credit to NuTheresa, played by Emily O’Brien.

Jen departed the role a little over a week before Days viewers got a glimpse of Emily in the part last Friday.

Now, with NuTheresa a couple of episodes in, Days of our Lives fans have shared many thoughts on the recast.

It’s never easy being a recast, but having an actress playing a different role take over doesn’t always bode well with fans.

Days of our Lives fans sound off on Theresa Donovan recast

Twitter has been buzzing since last week when Emily’s Gwen left Salem via one door at the airport, only to have Emily’s Theresa walk right in.

One user simply isn’t buying Emily as Theresa because the introductions were simply too jarring, having just seen the actress as dark-haired Gwen. Having Emily wear a blonde wig to match Jen’s Theresa isn’t helping either.

“Yeah not buying Emily o Brien as Theresa they should of got a whole new person,” read one tweet.

Others agreed by saying they couldn’t stop seeing Gwen in a wig, calling out the show for the casting choice.

Days fans not happy with Theresa recast
Pic credit: @Mistyrose78/@Brandyshusband3/@kindafunny/@Yes_Niece89/Twitter

The way Emily was introduced as Theresa kept popping up on Twitter, with one calling it “bizarre,” and we have to agree it was.

Not everyone jumped on the disliking of the NuTheresa train. Emily got a lot of love because she’s a talented actress.

A tweet revealed Emily has made her voice sound like Jen, while another hopes that Emily will get to use her bad girl saying, playing Theresa.

There was a different user who enjoyed watching Alex (Robert Scott Wilson) and Theresa, giving a shoutout to the chemistry between Rob and Emily.

“Apologize for ragging on the ridiculous idea before watching @emilyXObrien excellently pull off this Theresa switch! I know she’s a great actress and armed with a fantastic wig and America accent Emily O’Brien became Theresa,” said a Twitter user.

Days fans love Emily as Theresa
Pic credit: @lysie1984/@hpcharmed/@31nicole34/@Quartermaniac/Twitter

Some are reserving judgment until seeing Emily as Theresa for at least a few episodes. One tweet that liked Emily as Theresa but had an issue with the newly aged Tate (Jamie Martin Mann) looking more like her brother than her son.

Theresa recast reactions
Pic credit: @MsEmmyMorgan/ @glasses8585/Twitter

Oh yes, there are plenty of thoughts on Emily as Theresa. However, many Days of our Lives viewers are still invested in the Theresa storyline.

Days fans weigh in on scheming Theresa

Tuesday’s episode saw flashbacks of Emily as Theresa looking through Victor’s (John Aniston) briefcase that had the letter revealing Alex was really his son, not Justin’s (Wally Kurth). This has Twitter convinced Theresa did a little tampering with the letter.

“I still think Theresa forged ‘Anjelica’s’ letter,” read a tweet with a GIF of Jimmy Fallon saying, “IM JUST SAYING…”

Other tweets pointed out that Days wouldn’t bother filming those flashbacks with Emily as Theresa if there wasn’t more to this story like she faked the letter so Alex would get the money.

Days fans are ready for Theresa story
Pic credit: @adlangford/@Yankeefan2975/Twitter

Emily O’Brien won’t be playing Theresa for the long haul, just a few months.

Based on what Jen Lilley said about being asked back for 12 weeks when she was contacted to reprise Theresa, it will only be eight weeks or less of Emily in the role.

What do you think of Emily as Theresa?

Days of our Lives airs weekdays on Peacock.

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8 months ago

Yea, you guys screwed up again. What are Leo and Dimitri going to be doing now? Will they be taken off the show, I hope not Leo. Did Gwen want to be Theresa or was it, something else????? Emily as Theresa?, LAME!!!

Yolanda Gernant
Yolanda Gernant
8 months ago