Andre on General Hospital: Anthony Montgomery returns

Anthony Montgomery as Andre Maddox on General Hospital
Andre Maddox is back in Port Charles on General Hospital. Pic credit: ABC

Andre Maddox is back on General Hospital and in Port Charles for an important conversation. The doctor who wiped Drew’s (Billy Miller) memories and implanted Jason’s (Steve Burton) in Drew is in high demand following the revelation of the identical twin study done on at least three sets of twins with ties to Port Charles.

Anna (Finola Hughes) is meeting with Andre to try and find out how affected she was by the study. Her twin sister Alex (also Finola Hughes) was confirmed as part of the study, and now, Ms. Devane is going out of her mind wondering what part of Alex’s life she remembers.

Who is Andre Maddox on General Hospital?

When Anthony Montgomery brought Andre Maddox to General Hospital, it seemed that he was a good guy. He debuted in November 2015 during sweeps. While he had redeeming qualities, it was eventually discovered that Andre was working on a memory restoration program.

It was then revealed that he had taken part in the trial using Drew and Jason as the guinea pigs. Once the news was out, things took a downward turn. He did try and rectify his wrongs, though he wasn’t able to do it.

His relationship with Anna barely faltered as she has been understanding about the reasons behind his actions. Now, she is wanting his help as they navigate the connection to the twins and the memory transfers.

Will Andre be able to help Anna?

There has been speculation that Anna’s memories of having Peter (Wes Ramsey) with Faison (Anders Hove) may not be her own. Could Alex have been the mother of Peter? With the growing relationship between the mother and son, she is terrified to find out the truth.

Bringing Andre back is a way to tie in all of the recent developments with the DVX and the blindness that affected the twins who were part of the study. Not only were Anna and Alex part of it, but also Drew and Jason, and Kevin (Jon Lindstrom) and Ryan (also Jon Lindstrom).

With this story coming out slowly, it is unclear how long Andre will remain in Port Charles.

General Hospital airs weekdays on ABC.

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