Kelly Ripa accused of cultural appropriation but Mark Consuelos off the hook?

Kelly Ripa of Live with Kelly and Mark
Kelly Ripa of Live with Kelly and Mark. Pic Credit ABC

With Halloween just around the corner, everyone will be dressing up and going to parties and trick or treating.

The fun times are not without controversy for some people, this time for Kelly Ripa and Mark Consuelos.

Kelly and her husband Mark attended the Once Upon a Hulaween 2023 gala.

They dressed up in fancy Day of the Dead costumes. Mark was a Calavera, which means skull and Kelly was a glittery Calaca, or skeleton.

Kelly spoke about how elaborate it all was on their show, Live with Kelly and Mark.

The glitter in all the makeup drove her batty. The party was on October 27, 2023, and she is still finding glitter on her person.

Photos of the party hit Twitter and Instagram and fans started to give their opinions.

Kelly Ripa called out over the alleged cultural appropriation of her costume

One fan on Twitter could not help but label Kelly and Mark’s costumes as cultural appropriation.

Twitter fan calling out Kelly and Mark Consuelos
Pic Credit: @Cee_Ceelicious/Twitter

The user, @Cee_Ceelicious, posted a picture of Kelly and Mark in their Day of the Dead costumes. The caption reads, “Cultural appropriation! Do better #KellyRipa #MarkConsuelos”

Immediately underneath her post is a reply from user @NiamhSmithForensic asking, “Genuine question. Isn’t he Latino? Born in Spain but to a Mexican father? How is it appropriation when it’s his culture? I know she is white but she’s matching him and it’s very respectfully and beautifully done.”

Twitter user responding to a question about Kelly Ripa and Mark Consuelos
Pic Credit: @NiamhSmithForensic/Twitter

No one else is saying anything about Mark and his costume, and overwhelmingly are supportive of Kelly’s choosing to dress like her husband’s heritage.

A quick scan of social media posts all validate Kelly Ripa’s choice of costume.

Fan of Kelly Ripa posts on social media
Pic Credit: @mamadiaz77/Instagram

One user, @mamadiaz77 on Instagram said, “La Catrina y El Catrin #diademuertos #mexicanculture #medicantradition”

Another also favored the couple, @demediokate replied, “Sharing Mexican n Spanish n Italian”

Fan of Kelly Ripa on social media
Pic Credit: @demediokate/Instagram

Others praised her “Mexicana” look. One user, @carreon.diane, posted, “Kelly, so Fabulous you got the look very Mexicana.”

Fan of Kelly Ripa posting on Instagram
Pic Credit: @carreon.diane/Instagram

Kelly Ripa has had her own DNA test done, and she isn’t one bit Hispanic

The subject of DNA testing has come up on Kelly’s podcast. Most recently with Matthew McConaughey. He spoke to her about his and Woody Harrelson about a time that Maury Povich offered to see if the men were related.

Kelly had a DNA test taken on It showed she is Irish, Italian, and Greek. Her husband was born to an Italian mother and a Mexican father.

The longtime married couple have melded their ancestry into a fun mix of humanity.

Live with Kelly and Mark airs weekdays on ABC.

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