sMOTHERED on TLC: This mom and daughter share the same BED!

Kathy and Cristina Mother-daughter pair on sMothered
sMothered: Mother and daughter Kathy and Cristina are “obsessed” with each other. Pic credit: TLC

TLC announced, ahead of Mother’s Day, a new family series titled sMothered, which premieres on Sunday, June 9, at 10 pm ET/PT.

The series offers a startlingly fresh twist on family programming, following four “outrageous” mother and daughter pairs who take their familial bond to creepy extremes.

Mother and daughter relationships can be so close as to conflict with other significant relationships. Major transitions that occur at different stages of the life cycle, such as leaving home, getting married, and pregnancy, can also put a strain on the bond between a tight-knit mother-and-daughter pair.

But the mother-daughter pairs featured in TLC’s sMothered are determined to maintain their super-tight bonds against all odds.

The mothers and daughters give a new meaning to the saying, “Like Mother, Like Daughter.” They live their lives together and share everything, including the most intimate aspects of their lives.

And that’s not all! They dress in matching outfits, get plastic surgery and injections together, sleep in the same bed, and even share the same bath water!

“At TLC, we love showcasing heartwarming families and extreme relationships like viewers have never seen, and our mother/daughter duos in sMothered are unbelievably dynamic,” President and General Manager of TLC, Howard, Lee said. “We can’t wait to introduce these inseparable, obsessed, loving pairs to our loyal TLC fans as they share some of the most challenging and exciting moments in their lives.”

The four mother-daughter pairs that will feature in TLC’s upcoming series are:

Dawn (59) and Cher (27)

Dawn and Cher are more like twins than mother and daughter. They look, speak and act alike, and they both married Jewish doctors in their early twenties! Their relationship is put to the ultimate test when Cher admits that she has been keeping a huge secret from her mom.

Sunhe (50) and Angelica (30)

Not only do Sunhe and Angelica sleep in the same bed, but they often share the same bath water! Sunhe has never lived without her daughter, and her life is sent into a tailspin when Angelica wants to take things with her boyfriend to the next level.

Kathy (59) and Cristina (33)

Kathy is a constant presence in Cristina’s life and often acts as a co-parent to her grandchildren; however, Cristina’s husband and in-laws feel that Kathy is overstepping her boundaries, thus igniting a family feud.

Sandra (44) and Mariah (20)

Sandra and Mariah are BFFs who do everything together, including partying and double dating. Mariah’s desire for her mother to have more fun in life causes Sandra to push the limits of traditional mom behavior.

sMothered premieres on Sunday, June 9, at 10 pm ET/PT on TLC.

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