Smells like teen spirits on A Haunting as teenage ghosts cause havoc

A Haunting teen ghost
A family is stalked by a tormented teen ghost in A Haunted

A double bill of A Haunting features a teenage girl receiving unwanted attention from a strange presence and a ghostly teen who is wrecking a family’s life.

A pretty young teenage girl is getting some very inappropriate attention from some mystery presence. This harassment is threatening to destroy her whole family, but how can it be stopped?

A woman and her daughter are haunted by a teen
A woman and her daughter are haunted by a teen

The second episode has a teenager at the center of the paranormal activity as well, but this time they are the ghost. This teen spirit (sorry) is making the life of a young family hell as they sense someone or something is watching them.

An attractive teenage girl is haunted by an unknown presence with inappropriate intentions that threaten to tear her family apart.

Catch A Haunting Ghost Confessions at 8 PM on TLC, followed by Immortal Love at 9 PM.

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