SmartGurlz from Shark Tank: How robots teach girls to code and where to buy them

Richard Branson with a Smartgurlz robot on Shark Tank
Richard Branson looking at the SmartGurlz dolls and Siggy robots on Shark Tank

This week’s Shark Tank features SmartGurlz — the company behind the world’s first coding robot for girls.

The firm, which appears on an episode featuring Virgin founder Richard Branson, aims to get more girls into coding and technology and inspire the women creators and leaders of tomorrow.

It works through a combination of a doll — or dolls — plus SmartGurlz’ “Siggy” robot and what the firm has branded its “Sugar Coded” app.

Girls can use the app in various different ways, including simply drawing paths for their doll to roll around on using Siggy — a two-wheeled self-balancing robot vehicle.

However, it also allows them to use coding to make the doll and Siggy perform various tasks, and the app includes missions which guides youngsters through the process.

To make things more exciting for kids, Smartgurlz and their Siggys can also carry things weighing up to 6 oz so can be used to move things around.

There are five different SmartGurlz to choose from — Jen, Maria, Zara, Jun and Emma — who all have different hobbies and interests and backstories. For instance, Maria is a Math Genius while Jen is a mechanical engineer.

At the time of writing, all the available dolls are on offer at $79.99 down from $99.99. You can find out more about the dolls and the app, and buy them, on the firm’s website.

Shark Tank airs Sundays at 9/8c on ABC. This week includes an extra episode at 10/9c.

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