Small investors not afraid of big risks in Blue Collar Backers

Blue Collar Backers
Ron Douglas is one of the investors in Discovery’s new reality show Blue Collar Backers

Blue Collar Backers premieres tonight on Discovery and follows small investors who are not afraid to take some big risks.

The investors followed in this new show from Discovery Channel include Brian Stark and Wes James,  partners working out of Scottsdale, Arizona.

Blue Collar Backers
Brian Stark and Wes James are based in Scottsdale

They see investing a natural progression as they went from working in architecture to construction and finally investing.

On tonight’s show one investor helps out a bike shop that is in danger of closing and hopes to share in the increased profits.

Blue Collar Backers
Cameron Davies is an expert in converting vehicles into food trucks

Another runs into problems with a partner and completes the conversion of a fire engine into a barbecue fast food truck on his own, hoping he can then get it sold quickly.

There are no boardroom meeting here and the risks can be high, for both the investors and the businesses they support.

Catch Blue Collar Backers – Meat Your Maker tonight at 10 PM on Discovery.

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