Skittles ‘David Schwimmer’ Super Bowl commercial 2018 only seen by one person

David Schwimmer in
David Schwimmer in one of the spots for the 2018 Skittles Super Bowl commercial

You’d absolutely LOVE the Skittles Super Bowl commercial for 2018 — if only you could see it!

Why? Because the advert for the candy is only going to be shown to one person, a teenager from Canoga Park, California, named Marcos Menendez.

In the lead-up, Skittles released four spots featuring David Schwimmer questioning whether he was part of the advert. The first showed him sitting on a bench feeding skittles to a sandwich.

A second showed him floating in some sort of other dimension.

In the third, Schwimmer has some sort of super-powers — and a bowl cut.

While in the fourth, the former Friends star

Rather than seeing the actual ad, the rest of us get to see Marcos’s reaction to the Super Bowl ad at the end of the first quarter — with it being broadcast on Facebook Live.


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