Sisterhood of Hip Hop’s Brianna Perry clashes with label

Brianna Perry talks about her frustrations on tonight's Sisterhood of Hip Hop
Brianna Perry talks about her frustrations on tonight’s Sisterhood of Hip Hop

On tonight’s Sisterhood of Hip Hop, Brianna Perry clashes with her label’s head E-Class over her career.

The pair have a meeting where E-Class, the CEO and founder of Poe Boy Music Group and a family friend, says they need to figure out how she can make a “connection” with fans.

But it doesn’t get off to a flying start, as BP says: “E never likes anything that I bring to the table!”

She wants to give away music for free and make money from ticket sales.

She says: “I’m not just trying to make a quick buck. I’m trying to build a solid fan base, and touch the people.”

But E-Class is not into it. And he says the fact that she used to be on a big label means nothing, saying: “Now you’re back in the trenches.”

Also on tonight’s episode of Sisterhood of Hip Hop, titled Papa’z Song, Siya has issues over reconnecting with her dad, and Audra has a run-in with her manager about the visuals for her new project.

In other news, ever feel like you might have too many shoes Siya?

Sisterhood of Hip Hop airs Tuesdays at 9/8c on Oxygen.

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