Sister Wives: Watch Meri surf OVER Mariah’s head

A camera fitted to
A camera fitted to Meri captures the moment she surfs over Mariah’s head

Surfing is a pretty good analogy for Sister Wives — as Kody Brown’s polygamous marriage to his four wives does plenty of going up and down like the waves.

So it was only fitting that the Browns went actual surfing for the latest TLC episode, with not everything going quite as well as planned.

Kody’s efforts could definitely be described as a success as he managed to catch and carry a wave despite being a complete beginner.

But things didn’t go quite so smoothly for Meri, who managed to surf completely over the top of daughter Mariah — before plunging off her board into the waves.

The accident was caught in all its glory by a camera fitted to Meri’s swimsuit as she surfed towards Mariah completely unable to stop.

She said: “I did not know what to do. There’s nothing I could do. I totally just went right over her. We completely collided. I rode right over Mariah. It wasn’t like a jump, it was just like all of a sudden she was there.”

Mariah said: “She went right over my head.”

But there were no hard feelings. Christine said: “If she had gotten hurt that would have been devastating, but that’s wicked awesome that she was fine in the end.”

The Season Finale of Sister Wives airs this Sunday, June 26, at 8/7c on TLC

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