Sister Wives: How many kids do they and Kody have and what are their ages?

Four wives and 18 children means the Browns are busy earners! Pic credit: TLC
Four wives and 18 children mean the Browns are busy earners! Pic credit: TLC

Sister Wives on TLC are doing their part to repopulate the earth.

And as such, their family tree is a Redwood compared to the average American family of 2.4 children. They are blowing the curve!

The reality series is in its thirteenth season and this family keeps expanding!

We saw the busy preparations for Aspyn and Mitch’s nuptials, who just tied the knot.  They will likely have children soon too, adding to Kody’s grandkid count.

This season the Brown family are relocating to Flagstaff, Arizona to now call their home. The logistics of this move are occupying a lot of on-air real estate, the rental markets and the varying levels of commitment from each wife to purchase a place in Arizona.

Robyn found a seven bedroom, 6800 square foot rental that blew away the other wives situated near the high school while Meri is looking for a small place downtown.

The quaintness was sort of shaded by Kody who said: “So odd, Meri …the downtown is very quaint..sort of an urban yuppie feel to it. I think Meri would like living in an apartment downtown.”

Janelle is anxious and concerned they are not staying close together as a family. Meri is the one who is most non-committal about the move.

Las Vegas was a good decision from an equity standpoint, but as we have seen this season, some of the older kids seem to be splitting off and not going to Arizona.

Namely, Meri’s daughter, Mariah. Janelle’s son Gabriel is in high school and is bitterly against the move as well. Her daughter Maddie is not going to Arizona either. Aspyn is not going to Arizona either.

In the course of the series, most recently Kody “spiritually wed” and added a new wife, Robyn, and he adopted her three children from a previous marriage. She spiritually married Kody on May 22, 2010.

Because of the adoption, she had to legally marry Kody in December 2014. Her kids that were swept into the Brown fold are David Dayton (19), Aurora Alice, and Breanna Rose (13). Together, Robyn and Kody had two children, Solomon Brown (7) and Ariella Brown (3).

The second wife who was taken on by Kody in 1993 was Janelle. Janelle has given Kody six children and his two grandkids. Their kids are Logan Raylor (25 in May 2019), Madison Rose (23, mother of two young children making Janelle the nana wife), Hunter Elias (22), Robert Garrison (20), Gabriel (18), and Savanah (14).

Christine “spiritually wed” Kody Brown on March 25, 1994. Christine was his third wife and bore Kody six children. Her penchant for unusual names is on display here — new bride Aspyn Kristine (24), Mykelti Ann (22), Paedon Rex (20), Gwendlyn (17), Ysabel Paige (16) and Truely Grace (8).

The original wife, of course, was Meri Brown, since divorced from Kody but still considered a Sister Wife.

Meri bore Kody a daughter, Mariah Lian (24). It was announced in 2017 that Mariah is in a relationship with her girlfriend Audrey Kriss. They got engaged on January 16, 2019.

For the scorekeepers, that is four “wives,”, 18 children and two grandchildren and counting!

Sister Wives airs Sundays on TLC.

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