Sherman Douglas ‘park in the dark’ with a prostitute? RHOP’s Gizelle Bryant explains

Sherman Douglas arrested for allegedly being at the 'park in the dark' with a prostitute
Sherman Douglas on a picnic with Gizelle Bryant before their breakup

Now that they aren’t together anymore, Gizelle Bryant is opening up about the Sherman Douglas encounter with the police and exactly what happened at the “park in the dark.” The Real Housewives of Potomac star has stirred up quite a few questions about why she and Sherman may have split but now that they have, the gloves have come off.

On RHOP, Monique Samuels stirred the drama pot by telling Ashley Darby about a park incident that ended in Sherman Douglas’ arrest. She told her Bravo co-star, “He was with a girl, she was performing a job, the police came and tapped on the window and he got arrested.”

Well, that set off a firestorm from Real Housewives of Potomac viewers wanted all the details on how Gizelle’s ex-boyfriend ended up behind bars. It turns out, or at least Gizelle claims, that she already knew about her ex-boyfriend’s record even though Ashley didn’t tell her about it.

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“Ashley made the right decision about not telling me anything about Sherman but this was not new information for me,” Gizelle revealed in her Bravo blog. “He told me about the night he got arrested on our 2nd date and we never discussed it again. I’m happy that he was honest but frankly it was none of my business and it happened maybe 15 years ago.”

Then Gizelle quipped, “It actually gave him some street cred, everybody already knows I like a man that’s spent at least one night in jail, HA! Circa Season 1.”

Gizelle doesn’t seem too concerned that her ex-boyfriend was allegedly spending time in the park (in the dark) with a prostitute. She even joked about Sherman Douglas’ arrest and made light of it despite Monique revealing that Sherman was married at the time.

Speaking of Sherman’s ex-wife, Gizelle talked about claims that she called Kyndall and denied ever dialing her phone. In fact, Gizelle said she didn’t even have Kyndall’s phone number so she couldn’t have called if she wanted to.

Gizelle claims that she and Sherman broke up because of “communication issues” but many Real Housewives of Potomac fans have questioned whether there was more going on. Either way, Gizelle claims that the former couple is still on friendly terms and that she even runs into Sherman at the gym from time to time.

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