Shawn Isaac and Monie Love on Million Dollar Matchmaker

Monie Love and Shawn Isaac on Million Dollar Matchmaker
Monie Love and Shawn Isaac on this week’s Million Dollar Matchmaker

Million Dollar Matchmaker gets a rap theme this week — with Shawn Isaac and Monie Love as the two millionaires looking for love.

Politician turned rapper Isaac hasn’t had a proper girlfriend in four years and Patti Stanger has a bone to pick with him as he always seems to judge women based on their resume.

He says he’s looking for his “first lady”, explaining: “I’m looking for someone who’s Type A, ambitious, a go-getter, maybe like Masters level education, good family values and has faith.”

He also wants someone who’s “good looking” and with an “ass like Kylie Jenner”.

Meanwhile, 90s rap icon and radio host Monie Love is a massive micromanager who loves to be in control but ends up treating men like children.

Asked what she likes to control, she says: “Everything.”

When trying to find her a match, Patti has to quiz her potential daters about whether they’d be intimidated by a strong woman.

Watch the trailer for this week’s Million dollar Matchmaker episode, titled The Rapping Politician and the 90s Rap Icon, below:

Million Dollar Matchmaker airs Fridays at 9/8c on WE tv.

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