Guy and Hunter Fieri head to the Bahamas for Shark Week’s 30th anniversary

Guy Fieri, who is joining Shark Week, and a shark
Guy Fieri is bringing son Hunter to the Bahamas as they help Discovery celebrate 30 years of Shark Week

The mayor of Flavortown, Guy Fieri, and his college-student son Hunter Fieri are not only food and culinary adventure seekers, but Shark Week fans as well.

The father-son duo are working with the Shark Week team at Discovery to turn up the volume and add some flavor to the 30th-anniversary celebration of the TV institution by heading down to the Bahamas.

The pair will travel around the islands experiencing the local cuisine and learning about the resident shark population and what our fearsome finned friends dine on as well.

Guy Fieri is ubiquitous in American culture. He is in charge of 63 restaurants, including a new one coming to Dubai. The TV universe loves him and he has executive-produced a staggering six shows over the past year and starred in seven different TV series.

Guy is host of Food Network’s Diners, Drive-Ins and Dives and Guy’s Family Road Trip. A winemaker too, his Hunt & Ryde are named for his two sons, Hunter and Ryder.

Now, he swims with the fishes…well, maybe just metaphorically. But we may see the spiky haired chef in some underwater shots.

Shark Week’s 30th anniversary hits the surf on Sunday, July 22, and continues through Sunday, July 29, on Discovery Channel.

Gettin’ ready to dive with sharks… with no cage #sharkweek @discoverychannel

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For the iconic event, Guy and son Hunter will put on Scuba gear to find out how sharks behave in the waters where fellow Discovery star Darrell Miklos is currently exploring on the network’s popular series Cooper’s Treasure.

The Fieris will have a production crew armed with experts who use science and technology to capture the secret lives of sharks.

Not only will Guy and Hunter get to check out sharks but they will take us on a Bahamian culinary adventure too.

Guy said: “Like everyone else, I’m a big time Shark Week fan so to be able to hit the Bahamas with my son, Hunter, and get in on the action was an amazing experience. Checkin’ out some killer local joints and then tryin’ not to become a shark’s lunch…now that’s a good time!”

A ratings killer, Shark Week dominates summer TV programming with its ongoing look at what lies beneath the waves, as the mysterious and misunderstood world of sharks is examined in various programs.

Most, if not all the shows, are breathtaking in the footage that they collect, capturing shark behavior that in many cases has never seen before.

According to Discovery, this year’s Shark Week will also offer “new and innovative ways through digital and social media platforms, partnerships with nonprofit groups, affiliates, education programs, and more” to get viewers in the driver seat alongside Fieri and Hunter for the ultimate road trip.

Stay tuned!

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