Shadow people and possession as Steve DiSchiavi and Amy Allan visit Utah on The Dead Files

Amy looking worried on The Dead Files
The Dead Files heads to Utah where a man is in fear for his grandson

This week on The Dead Files, Steve DiSchiavi and Amy Allan make there way to Layton, Utah, where a possession is far more than nine-tenths of the law!

Layton is a small city with a historic downtown and some stunning background scenery but not all is well in this somewhat sleepy place. A grandfather there is in fear for the safety of his grandson and asks for help after he suspects someone or something is trying to possess him.

Steve and Amy waste no time getting their investigation off the ground and soon uncover what they believe to be the spirit of a demented man trying to take over the boy. They also discover a portal of some sort in the bedroom that lets shadow people travel into this place of existence and occupy the house.

The Dead Files airs on Saturdays at 10:00 P.M. on Travel Channel.

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