Who is James Nava on Shades of Blue?

James Nava was recently killed off on Shades of Blue
James Nava was recently killed off on Shades of Blue

James Nava has been on Shades of Blue since the beginning. Season 1 had him in a recurring status, but Season 2 brought the character on full-time.

Season 3 of Shades of Blue began airing last week, and James Nava lost his life. As the crew fights for justice for his murder, things become more unpredictable.

Gino Anthony Pesi held the role of James Nava throughout the duration of his time on the show. He became romantically involved with Harlee, which ultimately cost him his life.

Throughout the ups and downs of his relationship with Harlee, James Nava remained rather straight and narrow. He knew she had some shady dealings, but didn’t ask too many questions.


Harlee had been working out her demons since costing Saperstein his life, something that weighed heavily on her and became leverage for Stahl. After she was held captive, Nava became the only man she felt safe with.

Moving forward, Harlee is determined to avenge James Nava. She loved him and he was killed as a direct result of her actions. Harlee chose to defy the orders Wozniak gave her, and that is what caused Nava to be gunned down in cold blood.

The fallout is going to be intense as Harlee spirals out of control.

Shades of Blue airs on Sundays at 10 p.m. EST on NBC. 

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