Shades of Blue: Who is Detective Saperstein?

Despite dying in Season 1, Saperstein is still haunting Harlee in Shades of Blue Season 3

Shades of Blue began Season 3 last night, bringing with it a mention of Detective Saperstein — but who was he?

Fans will remember him from Season 1 as the member of Wozniak’s crew who was killed after being pegged as the mole.

David Saperstein was part of nine episodes in Season 1 of Shades of Blue, and was played by Santino Fontana. While he is no longer a part of the show, his character was mentioned several times over when Season 3 opened last night with a brief recap of the first two seasons.

Detective Saperstein was mentioned because his death was the beginning of Harlee unraveling throughout Season 2.

The show’s backstory saw Harlee (Jennifer Lopez) forced to be a mole to get Mike Wozniak (Ray Liotta) pinched by the feds.

During Season 1, Wozniak found out someone in the crew was the mole, and thinking quickly Harlee set up David Saperstein to take the fall.

When Wozniak attacked David Saperstein, they got into a scuffle and he fell to his death. It was a poignant moment for Harlee as she was finally made to feel the collateral damage she set into motion.

That one event changed the course of the show and led up to where Harlee and Wozniak are right now in Season 3. What entails remains to be seen…

Shades of Blue airs Sundays at 10/9c on NBC.

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