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Sexual chemistry sparks between Natalie and David in Dating Naked

Natalie and David in Dating Naked
Natalie and David in Dating Naked, where the couple share chemistry sans clothes

This week on Dating Naked there is some real chemistry going on as contestant Natalie meets David.

As they first get to know each other, new dater David has Natalie laughing and the chemistry between them is obvious.

Dancer Natalie is nervous but is impressed that New Yorker David just walked right up and gave her a kiss on the cheek by way of introduction.

He also gets her laughing with his advice on not walking about naked in NYC (though it works for that cowboy right?).

Natalie reckons it’s going to be a great date, even if all they do is read books to each other!

“I just wanna bite him” she says and reckons he’s cute and a little bit exotic.

See the rest of their date tonight at 9/8C on VH1!

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