Sex Education Season 2 release date on Netflix, cast, trailer, plot, and everything we know so far

Sex Education Season 2
When will Sex Education Season 2 premiere? Pic credit: Netflix

Sex Education Season 2 is in the works and fans are eagerly awaiting the start of another season of the show on Netflix. Sex Education was an instant hit with fans when it premiered on Netflix in January 2019, and following the highly successful first outing, the streaming giant quickly confirmed the show for Season 2.

Season 1 ended on a note that left myriads of plot and storyline possibilities open. Fans were therefore excited when Netflix announced the renewal of the teen dramedy for Season 2 in February 2019.

Ahead of the highly anticipated return of Sex Education for Season 2, here is everything we know so far.

Sex Education Season 2 release date

Netflix has not yet announced a release date for Sex Education Season 2 but production was set to begin in the spring of 2019. Netflix tends to release news seasons of its shows about a year after the previous. This means that Season 2 could premiere early in 2020.

How many episodes will there be in Sex Education Season 2?

Sex Education Season 1 featured 8 episodes. Season 2 will also feature 8 episodes.

Sex Education Season 2 production details

Sex Education is a teen dramedy series created by Laurie Nunn who executive produces with Jamie Campbell and Ben Taylor.

Sex Education Season 2 will star Asa Butterfield, Gillian Anderson, Emma Mackey, Ncuti Gatwa, Connor Swindells, and Kedar Williams-Stirling, among others.

Eleven Film is the production company behind the series.

Sex Education Season 2 trailer

Netflix has not released a trailer for Sex Education Season 2.  The trailer for Season 1 came out on January 2, 2019, only a few days ahead of the season premiere.

We will update this post when Netflix releases the trailer for the upcoming season.

Sex Education Season 2 cast

In February 2019, Netflix confirmed that the entire main cast of Season 1 will return for Season 2.

This means that Asa Butterfield will return as Otis, Gillian Anderson as Otis’s mother and sex therapist Dr. Jean Milburn, Ncuti Gatwa as Otis’s best friend Eric Effiong.

Emma Mackey will return as Otis’s friend Maeve Wiley. Maeve and Otis set up a sex therapy clinic for students at Moordale High.

James Purefoy is expected to return as Otis’s father Remi Milburn. Alistair Petrie will play Mr. Groff, Moordale High’s strict headmaster.

Connor Swindells will reprise his role as Adam Groff. He is headmaster Groff’s son who bullies Eric.

Kedar Williams-Stirling returns as head boy Jackson Marchetti who wants to date Otis’s friend Maeve.

Others include Aimee Lou Wood as Aimee Gibbs, Chaneil Kular as Anwar (leader of The Untouchables), Simon Ashley as Olivia, Tanya Reynolds as Lily Iglehart, Mimi Keene as Ruby, and Patricia Allison as Ola Nyman.

Sex Education: What is the show about?

Sex Education
Sex Education Season 2. Pic credit: Netflix

Sex Education is about teenagers learning about friendship, sex and relationships in general while struggling with questions and uncertainties about their identities.

It follows Otis Milburn, a socially awkward teenager who is struggling with his awakening sexuality despite the fact that his mother is a sex therapist. He sets up a sex therapy clinic business with Maeve at his school, Moordale, to help fellow teenagers on matters relating to sex, sexuality and relationships.

Sex Education Season 2 plot

Sex Education Season 1 ended on a note that opened up multiple alternative storylines and plots for Season 2. It is therefore difficult to predict what will happen in Season 2. We will have to wait for the official synopsis for details.

However, showrunner Laurie Nunn told Thrillist that Season 2 will continue to focus on Moordale’s sixth former Otis as the leading character.

Fans are looking forward to seeing more of Maeve and Otis. In Season 1, Maeve finally acknowledged her feelings for Otis and when she summons up the courage to let him know how she feels, she sees him getting intimate with Ola (Patricia Allison). This makes her doubt that she and Otis could hook up.

Season 2 will pick up where Season 1 left off. We will see whether Maeve and Otis finally get together or whether Ola and Otis stay together. But we know that Otis had feelings for Maeve from the start. With Maeve having dumped Jackson (Kedar Williams-Sterling), we can hope that she and Otis will finally hook up.

Season 2 could delve more into Adam and Eric’s relationship. According to Nunn, Adam feels isolated and is desperate to connect with someone. His bullying behavior is a symptom of his loneliness.

Eric (Ncuti Gatwa) could find love in Season 2 after he failed to woo Anwar (Chaneil Kular).

In Season 1, Mr. Groff (Alistair Petrie) sent his son Adam (Connor Swindells) to military school. We will learn in Season 2 what eventually becomes of Adam. Will he return to Moordale?

Other characters that Fans are hoping to see more of in Season 2 include Otis’s mother Jean (Gillian Anderson) and his father (Jean’s ex) Remi Milburn (James Purefoy).

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