Sex-addict author Devina Kaur on Million Dollar Matchmaker trawls Craigslist for men

Devina Kaur on Million Dollar Matchmaker
Devina Kaur tells Patti Stanger about her love of sex on Million Dollar Matchmaker

Million Dollar Matchmaker this week features sex-obsessed author Devina Kaur — who is addicted to hooking up with men via Craigslist.

Kaur says she loves having sex and isn’t ashamed of using the website to find partners, saying she has found a lot of “amazing” guys on it.

She says she’s only slept with “less than 100” people, and attends relationship guru Patti Stanger’s “Millionaire’s Club” in a hunt for love.

Watch the clip below as India-born Kaur reveals how she doesn’t drink alcohol, but when asked what she does to party replies: “I have sex.”

Asked if she’s a sex-addict, Kaur responds saying: “I’ve got standards, and very high ones.”

But Patti hits back saying: “You have no standards, you’re on Craigslist!”

When Kaur asks what’s wrong with Craigslist, Patti says: “Craigslist is the bottom of the low-rent…it’s like the guy who’s breezing through town and is barely paying for gas.

“We’re a little bit more discerning here, we’re the Millionaire’s Club. There’s a bit difference between us and Craigslist.”

Devina then totally flips when Patti brands her obsession with sex a “sickness”. She says: “No! Me enjoying sex is a choice I make. Do not call me sick! That makes me f***ing mad. No!”

Patti yells back: “It’s not about the enjoying sex, it’s about the fact you’re sleeping with them before you know them!”

Devina says: “My choices are my choices. I’m free to do whoever I want.”

Kaur is the founder of The Sexy Brilliant Revolution, and runs the website Sexy Brilliant. It aims to help inspire people to live an “authentic, confident, happy life” where they feel sexy and can embrace themselves and their bodies.

Million Dollar Matchmaker airs Fridays at 10/9c on WE tv.

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