Seeking Sister Wife: What is the red dot on Ashley Snowden’s forehead?

Ashley and Dimitri Snowden
Seeking Sister Wife: what is the red dot on the foreheads of the family. Pic credit: TLC

Seeking Sister Wife fans have noticed the mysterious red dots on the foreheads of Ashley, her daughters and her husband Dmitri Snowden. These same fans have been wondering about the significance of the red dot on their foreheads.

Ashley (born Ashley Kapri) recently explained the significance of the red dot. Although she insisted it is not a religious sign, she admitted that it has a spiritual meaning.

According to Ashley, although the family is not religious, they are spiritual and believe they have universal awareness. The red dot (Indian: bindi) is meant to symbolize universal awareness — or the mystical third eye.

The dot helps them to focus on gaining insight into the higher spiritual and universal awareness.

Ashley’s daughters also wear the red dot on their foreheads between their eyes. Ashley revealed that willingness to accept the family’s belief in universal awareness is a factor they will consider when assessing a prospective new sister wife.

They want a sister wife who shares their spiritual values.

What Seeking Sister Wife is About

Ashley and Dmitri Snowden entered into a polygamous relationship in 2009. The couple currently has three children. After Ashley’s third pregnancy, the couple started looking for a new sister wife to expand their family.

The family met a prospective sister wife last season, but Ashley decided she did not want her to join the family after learning that Dimitri slept with her and then lied about it.

After last season’s failed effort to find a new sister wife, the Snowden family renewed their search this season.

After nine years of searching, the Snowden family now appears set to add a new sister wife to their family. Ashley and Dimitri recently met Vanessa Cobbs, and Dimitri told Ashley that he loves Vanessa, and wanted to marry her.

Although Ashley briefly entertained doubts about Vanessa, she became supportive of Snowden’s decision to marry her.

Dimitri traveled to Seattle to meet Vanessa’s mom Jojo and asked for her daughter’s hand in marriage. After apparently hesitating, Jojo approved and Dimitri arranged a breach proposal.

Everything went smoothly and Vanessa accepted.

As part of the engagement, Vanessa accepted to wear the red dot on her forehead.

With Vanessa now set to join the family after having accepted Dimitri’s proposal, members of the family are already talking about adding a third wife.

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