Seeking Sister Wife: Is Vanessa Cobbs pregnant with Dimitri Snowden’s baby?

Vanessa Cobbs on Seeking Sister Wife
Is Vanessa Cobbs from Seeking Sister Wife pregnant? Pic credit: TLC

Following reports that Seeking Sister Wife’s Vanessa Cobbs has left the Snowdens, fans have been wondering whether Vanessa might be pregnant with Dimitri’s baby after getting intimate with him.

Fans learned in Season 2, episode 9 titled It’s Getting Steamy Up in Here that Dimitri slept with Vanessa, which means that she very well could be carrying his child.

Unlike Season 1’s Jocelyn who allegedly slept with Dimitri after their first date without Ashley’s knowledge or approval, it was Ashley who suggested to Dimitri that it was time for him to get intimate with the new sister wife.

Dimitri had sex with Vanessa

When Ashley asked Dimitri if he was ready to get intimate with Vanessa, he eagerly agreed that it was time.

“Tonight is finally the night,” he said. “As soon as the babies go to bed, it’ll be time for Vanessa and I to finally be intimate.”

He took to social media on March 24 to hint fans that he would be getting intimate with Vanessa in the upcoming episode of the TLC show and that they shouldn’t miss it.

“Not much to say here… D day!” he announced on Instagram. “Let’s be real — everyone is curious about how sex works in this relationship.”

He also posted a clip showing Ashley coaching Vanessa on how to prepare to consummate her relationship with Dimitri by steaming her lady bits. Ashley reportedly placed Vanessa on a diet to ensure that her bits were yeast-free for the special moment.

Vanessa married Dimitri on Seeking Sister Wife

Vanessa Cobbs eagerly said yes when Dimitri popped the question on the beach after dating for about six months.

Dimitri also enlivened the special occasion by asking rapper C-Tru to create an original song for the beach proposal.

“My sweet love. I don’t have a lot of words to wrap around what I’m feeling, which is why I have these guys to help me,” Dimitri said, dropping to his knees after they’d been dancing to C-Tru’s music. “But you’re a wonderful sister wife to Ashley, you’re a wonderful mommy to the children and obviously perfect for me.”

“I’m happy that you’re a part of my life and I wanted to make you understand how much I love you,” he added. “So, with that, will you marry me?”

Vanessa took to Instagram with a photo of the Snowdens and celebrated her engagement to Dimitri, saying, “That was a perfect day.”

Fans later watched, glued to their TV screens, as Dimitri prepared for his big day. And some fans were shocked when, even before Vanessa and Dimitri were married, members of the family were already talking about adding a third wife!

Ashley seemed to approve, saying “A third wife sounds great.”

“A reason that a third wife functions outside of childbearing is because we are trying to build an empire,” Ashley chipped in.

“Doesn’t that sounds like a pyramid scheme?” someone asked in bewilderment.

But the wedding eventually took place with the three walking down the aisle. Dimitri later celebrated on social media.

Vanessa left Dimitri and Ashley

But fans learned on April 14 that Vanessa has left the Snowdens. She took to Instagram to explain why she left.

She also later informed fans that she had traveled to Australia to be with her sister.

Fans have since been wondering whether Vanessa is pregnant with Dimitri’s baby. The fact that the two have been intimate makes it possible that she is pregnant, but we don’t know yet.

Seeking Sister Wife airs Sundays at 9/8c on TLC. 

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